Great Idea.

This comes (somewhere) from True Blue Me & You. She posted it from an antique store’s display picture.

Another pretty display from

It’s titled DIY Jewelry Display with Lulu Frost. Go to their site for the tutorial.

So, why is it important to display your jewelry? Well, have you ever heard the quote “out of sight, out of mind?” There is a reason that quote stands to the test of time.

If you leave your jewelry on display, then you are more apt to wear it, and you can coordinate better with what outfit that you would like to wear it with because everything is visually out for you.

It really doesn’t have to be this pretty (or expensive – not saying their project was). It could be as simple as pushing thumbtacks into your bedroom, bathroom, or closet wall – hang up necklaces and call it a day. This is what I am doing in the meantime. We rent. It’s easy. It’s cheap. Very cheap. And I can move the thumbtacks around to add more space, etc. (Do what works best for you. Mine is set at a horizontal line.)

What about earrings and bracelets? Thankfully, for Christmas, a friend made me an earring holder. Very similar to this type from


She made it out of a second-hand basic frame, and a screen used for windows that was also second hand (you can find these types of items at thrift shops or a ReStore), and she just stapled the screen to the frame. I painted the frame a fun color and it hangs under my necklaces.

As for stud earrings or bracelets  they are unfortunately still “hiding” in my jewelry box. You really cannot put studs on this type of holder for easy access (actually, you can do it, it’s just annoying).

Here is a great video on YouTube to make your own ring and stud display/holder

There is a project I found how to display bracelets. Actually, there are two, but I will start with the easy, cheap, recycled project first. This is perfect for those of us who live in not so permanent situations, for those who really do not care about anything elaborate, and/or for those that just like to see their bracelets out for display.

This yellow beauty, on the left, is from Squeaky Swing. Click the link to see her DIY (I hope you have a browser that can translate by this point, because it is in Deutsche, aka German).

I think getting to a particular bracelet of your choice may become annoying to pull them all off, but if you put some of your favorites you wear a lot near the top, that would be easier. I am going to make this one pretty soon.

I like this one on the bottom right too. They are displayed on a paper towel holder. Easy Peasy.

Pinned Image

Now, for the more permanent, pricer ones! Think of one similar to this on on the left, but it is a glass top (and maybe the two top drawers are glass/acrylic bottomed)

I know that I have seen this type with a glass top before, but I am having trouble locating a photo of it. I thought Centsational Girl, or even IKEA had something similar, but I guess I am mistaken.

Hopefully, you can imagine what I am talking about. Speaking of Centsational Girl,  I seriously love that website! She is amazing and very talented, you need to check her out. Especially her closet makeover! Gorgeous.

She also writes for Better Homes and Gardens. Here is a post about Creative Way to Display Your Jewelry.

I like these two that she posted.

framed jewelry bhgjewelry in bowls bhg

Hopefully that inspired you to organize your pretty accessories. After all, accessories are easier to change out with neutral/classic outfits so you do not have to purchase so many styles of clothing according to the in season fashions (just a thought). Another thought – if you still love your jewelry, even if it is not currently in vogue, by all means, please do still wear it! You are your own fashion guru. If you like it, wear it, and really it’ll surface back around in 10-20 years – then you’ll be “vintage” or “retro” and just a little bit “cooler” to your kids ;)


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